The Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology

2021 Geoff Egan Memorial Lecture

8 December 2021

Geoff Egan Memorial Lecture, 8th December 2021, 6pm - 7:30pm

This year's Geoff Egan Memorial Lecture will be delivered by Dr Peggy Brunache, Lecturer in the History of Atlantic Slavery & Director of the Beniba Centre for Slavery Studies, University of Glasgow. 

The title of the talk is 'A Negro in the Shire: A Black woman's journey for activism through Scottish academia'. Booking is now open here. An abstract for the talk will follow shortly.

Dr Peggy Brunache is a lecturer in the history of Atlantic slavery at the University of Glasgow and the first Director of the newly established Beniba Centre for Slavery Studies. Born in Miami to Haitian parents, she trained and worked as a historical archaeologist with a focus on plantation studies, the African diaspora and the transatlantic slave trade, working on archaeological projects in Benin, West Africa, Guadeloupe, and various sites in the United States. She is a founding member of the European Society of Black and Allied Archaeologists (ESBAA). Recently, she developed a free 4-week ongoing online course on British Slavery in the Caribbean with Other projects include working with food, music and science festivals. Food is also central to Peggy's life and work. She acts as culinary consultant for Perth’s Southern Fried music festival. Her media appearances include the US’s Food Network, BBCTV's Black and British documentary series and is a regular contributor to BBC Radio Scotland ’s programmes.