The Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology

Deadline for SPMA Undergraduate Dissertation prize 2021 approaching

Tuesday 22 June 2021

The Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology offers two annual student dissertation prizes, for undergraduate and postgraduate submissions. The undergraduate prize will be for the best dissertation submitted for an undergraduate degree in British and Irish universities concerned with the post-medieval archaeology of Britain, Europe, or the wider world, from c.1500 to the present day.

The prize is £250, with free membership of the Society for one year, and a conference bursary for the year of the award. The prize judges will also consider whether a paper based on the dissertation would be appropriate for publication in the journal Post-Medieval Archaeology, subject to the approval of the editors.

British and Irish university and college departments are invited to nominate not more than one dissertation presented for the 2020–2021 academic year. In cases where an institution has more than one department teaching in the subject area, each department may make a separate nomination.

Please note that entries from individual students are not accepted.

The deadline for nominations is 1st September 2021

Please send a pdf copy of both form and dissertation to the prize co-ordinator. If the pdf of the dissertation is large, or if it is not possible to send an electronic copy please liaise with the prize co-ordinator. We can accept paper submissions and these will be returned at the end of the competition to either the Department or the author as requested.

Council aims to announce the result of the award by spring 2022. The winner and the Department will be informed directly, and the outcome published in the Society’s newsletter and on the Society’s website Council reserves the right not to make an award.

For further information please contact the dissertation prize co-ordinator: