The Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology

Undergraduate Prize Winners

2020: Franciska Mátéová, University of Glasgow
Isle of Arran: Gypsy Travellers explored through contemporary cave use

2019: Melissa McCready-Shaw, Queens University Belfast
Who were the seventeenth-century ceramists of the Killyneese settlement?

2018: Lucy Godridge, Durham University
Influencing the unseen: ritual and apotropaic material culture from the medieval and early modern period in Northernmost England

2017: Kevin Claxton, University of York
The Archaeology of an English Civil War Battlefield

2016: Kate Wilson, University of Cambridge
Seeing through the stone: an analysis of gender relations in Bokoni, South Africa

2015: Bethan Boulter, University of Leicester
Something to sink your teeth into: Sex estimation of a 19th Century Coventry population using a predetermined odontometrical technique.

2014: Zane Stepka, University of Glasgow
Tracing the dung: Testing the microachaeological ability to identify animal husbandry spaces at an abandoned homestead Ķieģeļnīca, Latvia

2013: Thomas Durbin, Cardiff University
City of Sinners? An Archaeological Study of Port Royal, Jamaica

2012: Lindsay J Fricker, University of Manchester
Path, Pots and People: Investigating Human Movement in a (Post)-Industrial landscape

2011: Garth Walpole, Bangor University
The search for, and analysis of, the relics of the Franklin Expedition, 1848-1880

2010: Susie McGraw, University of Leicester
The Archaeology of School Life and Social Knowledge

2009: Emma Bonthorne, Bournemouth University
An assessment of methodologies and standards followed in the location, recovery and analysis of Spanish Civil War remains in the Basque Country