The Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology

The Archaeology of Industrialization

Edited by David Barker and David Cranstone

'Industrial' and 'post-medieval' archaeology have traditionally been seen as two separate disciplines, with different roots and very different intellectual interests, thus separating production from consumption and leaving the study of non-industrial aspects of 19th and 20th century society in a disciplinary no-man's land. This volume, emanating from a joint conference of the Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology and the Association for Industrial Archaeology held in Bristol in 1999, aims to break down the barriers, both cultural and chronological, between the two disciplines. Twenty-three papers from Britain and western Europe address the relationships between production and consumption, the contribution of archaeology to a period so rich in historical sources, the nature of historical archaeology, and the role both of industrialisation itself and of its material record in the development of our own society.

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Published April 2004
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